Board of Directors

William Hartley Parker

President and CEO, Tara Jayde Capital Partners

William Hartley Parker

Bill Parker is a business operator who provides permanent and interim CEO/COO leadership for the turnaround of underperforming companies and undermanaged growth companies in the consumer products and healthcare industries. He is currently engaged in the development of a business and financial plan that will lead to a private placement memorandum and capital formation for an early stage company.

Bill is a disciple of Ram Charan and Larry Bossidy, who authored the best seller, “Execution, the Discipline of Getting Stuff Done” which ultimately leads to “Organizational Fitness and Sustainable Business Results”.

He has transitioned from leading multi-billion dollar Fortune 100 retail and consumer products manufacturing businesses { President of Gateway Retail Stores, Senior Vice President for Banana Republic, Vice President of the Midwestern Zone for Old Navy, Vice President and General Merchandise Manager of Home Decor for Kmart} to the middle market arena and has served as CEO/COO of two family owned or private equity portfolio companies.

Bill has served as a former NCO in the United States Marine Corps and served our country for five years in active and reserve duty as a Communications Chief and Military Policeman. Bill is a member of the Board of Directors for the Association for Corporate Growth, Business Advisor for Pacific Community Ventures and Chairman of the San Diego RiteCare Childhood Language Center.



Kevin L. Day

Kevin Day Attorney Kevin L. Day is a leading estate planning and complex gifts and trusts attorney. His law firm is recognized nationally in the areas of international asset protection planning and foreign inbound trust planning. He has a BA in Chinese Studies, an MBA in International Business and a Doctorate degree in Jurisprudence. He was on the International Affairs Board for the City of San Diego for number of years.

Kevin has advised business owners and private estates on a broad spectrum of estate concerns including planned bequests and charitable gift planning. He is the author of about 5 books in the area of lawsuit protection and estate planning. He is a noted speaker at Continuing Education conferences for legal and accounting professionals as well as at business-tax conferences. He has assisted many charitable organizations in their endeavors to make our world a better place. Kevin Day is on several San Diego Scottish Rite committees as well as the Board of Directors of the San Diego RiteCare Childhood Language Center.



Richard Bullard

Information System Analyst with the SDPD

Richard BullardRichard began his career in computer support/maintenance/implementation in 1977. He is the Project Management leader for implementation of the Omega Group Crime View Dashboard for the department at inception and updating Backgrounds Tracking Systems. Richard has trained approximately 600 Patrol Officers in conjunction with The Omega Group Corporate trainer and is the coordinator of San Diego Police Department Website.

Richard is a US Navy Veteran with six years of service and 5 years as a Civilian Contractor, where he taught Naval Tactical Data Systems throughout the Sixth Fleet. During his time in the navy, Richard was instrumental in development of the prototype for the US Navy “Tiger Team” for Computer Systems training, operation and support.



Jakob Ogdahl

Jakob OgdahlJakob Ogdahl has been in the financial industry for over a decade. He earned his Bachelors of Science in Financial Management from National University, and built his career around assisting small to medium sized businesses with capital and financing needs. Mr. Ogdahl’s experience in capital raising and formation has assisted him with his dearest dream of giving back to his community. Mr. Ogdahl has been a proud member and supporter of San Diego non-profits & charities for many years and is involved in community development activities. He resides in the San Carlos neighborhood of San Diego with his wife and two children.



Edward R. Collins

Edward CollinsEdward R. (Ed) Collins was born and raised in Rockingham, N. C., in a family with a long Masonic history. He is married to his lovely wife, Sharon, and they have four children and four grandchildren. His passion for flying led to his flying lessons in high school and appointment to the U.S. Air Force Pilot Cadet program while in college. His aviation career would span some 60 years, retiring from Active Duty Air Force and Reserves as a Lt. Colonel, and a long career with American Airlines as a Chief Pilot, Instructor, and International Captain. He earned his Juris Doctor Degree and concentrated his law practice in the field of Aviation Law.

Ed’s Masonic career started with San Diego 35 Masonic Lodge and continued with several organizations, including the San Diego Scottish Rite where he holds the 33º Degree and is Past Venerable Master; and Al Bahr Shriners where he is a Past Potentate. He is currently a Director of the California Scottish Rite Foundation, which is the parent organization of the RiteCare Childhood Language Centers in California; and Vice Chairman Los Angeles Shrine Hospital Board of Governors, Pediatric Specialty Hospitals of Shriners International.



James McGrath

James (Jim) McGrathJames (Jim) McGrath was born in San Antonio, Texas and moved to California. He was raised in the Yorba Linda Lodge in 1987. He affiliated with the Temecula Catalina Island Lodge in Temecula, California in 1990, and became Master in 1994 and again in 2004, 2006, and 2008. Jim received the Hiram award in 2009. He joined the York Rite Bodies in 2007 and is a member of Tyre 130 Escondido (2007), Helix 58 Escondido (2007), and Commandery 25 San Diego (2007). Jim joined Al Bahr Shrine in 2007 and is active in the RV club and was a Tin Lizzie. He joined the Scottish Rite in May 2015 and has been active in the Knights of St. Andrews, and volunteers at the RiteCare Language Center.

Jim worked as a salesman until 1997, traveling Southern California, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. He was also active in local theaters in La Habra, Brea, Yorba Linda, and Temecula. He worked small parts in television and movies. He graduated from El Rancho High School in Rivera, California, Fullerton College in Fullerton, California, and attended law school in Riverside, California, which is where he met Sheila. He married Sheila McGrath in 1999. Jim retired to travel the country in his motor home, and has been to all 50 states. He is supported by real estate investments. Jim has four grown children from a first marriage, 13 grandchildren, and 5 great grandchildren.